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How It Works

Workflow when you visit Yiwu Market

workflow of visiting Yiwu market

Our Yiwu sourcing & buying service - total package comes to help when you come to visit and buy from Yiwu Market. We take care of all aspects of your buying trip, from day one airport picking up to hotel booking, market & factory tour guide, negotiation & interpretation, quality control, collecting goods, warehouse, customs clearance and finally shipping – all done in a qualified and efficient manner.

  1. Send us product info you're interested and we do market research.
  2. Issue invitation and book hotel for you upon request.
  3. Greet and pick you up at airport.
  4. Take you to market/factory, meet supplier face to face and choose product.
  5. You confirm order with us and make down payment to commence production.
  6. We manage production and product quality, making sure specs are met.
  7. We consolidate goods and do pre-shipment quality inspection.
  8. You confirm QC report we send you and pay up supplier.
  9. We load container and prepare exporting documents.
  10. Shipping.

We make it fulfilling buying trip for you, even first time importer.

Workflow when you buy from your existing suppliers

Workflow when you buy from your existing suppliers

You've been importing from China and working with multiple factories. Still you need someone consolidate goods from different locations, do pre-shipment quality inspection and then ship to you. This case our Yiwu sourcing & buying service - basic package is the right solution for you.

  1. You send us product specs and perfect sample for quality inspection.
  2. We collect goods at our warehouse and do pre-shipment quality inspection.
  3. You confirm the QC report we send you before pay up supplier.
  4. We load container and complete customs formalities.
  5. Shipping.

Heed two pre-conditions to on-time delivery:

  • You know the factories and their quality somehow.
  • You communicate to them regularly and manage quality during production.

Workflow when you buy from us

Workflow when you buy from us directly

Importing from Yiwu China takes a lot of work, time and patience. You may find it's too much even by just reading all those how-to articles. But you can Buy from us directly and get back to what you do best, leaving all the hard work to us. No struggle, full guarantee.

  1. You send Request for Quote to us in detail and we feedback the best product and prices.
  2. You confirm our quote.
  3. We start sampling and send sample to you for approval.
  4. You confirm the approval sample and issue order to us with down payment.
  5. We manage production and product quality, making sure specs are met.
  6. We send production sample to you for approval.
  7. You confirm production sample and pay up balance.
  8. Shipping.

By screening and managing qualified suppliers, relatively smaller ones, we work out quality product at very competitive price for you.