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QA overview

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You don't have to worry about product quality with us, even for your most demanding customizations.

Very often misinterpreted for quality control, quality assurance is so vital a factor for any successful importing business from Yiwu, but it's commonly downgraded to a token, one time quality check before shipment with many a Yiwu agent.

Instead of a single quality check before shipment, our quality assurance system consists of a series of proactive quality control processes. Dependent on manufacturing complexity of your product, and the extent of customization, we follow these procedures:

  1. Signing sales contract
  2. Confirming approval sample
  3. DUPRO inspection
  4. Confirming production sample
  5. AQL sampling
  6. Laboratory testing
  7. Pre-shipment inspection
  8. Container-loading supervision

Strenuous and complicated as these actions seemed and really are, we stick to them to turn out the right product at the right time. You don't have to pay for them separately since all above procedures are incorporated into  Yiwu sourcing & buying service - total package and Buy from us directly.

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