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Top 7 reasons importers come to Yiwu Market

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1. Cheap price

Strong competition drives price down. 62,000 booths sit next to each other and compete, thus drives price down. It's not uncommon to see your profit double or triple on Yiwu Market.

2. Latest products

New product turns out every day among 1,700,000 kinds of goods in 40 industries.

3. Comprehensive product coverage

No need to look elsewhere to fill your container. The world’s largest wholesale market of small commodities gathers and sells almost everything imaginable.

4. All-year-round exhibition

Come anytime you like during the year except Chinese New Year a 15 days holiday.

5. Direct contact with factory & supplier

Meet 210,000 suppliers from all over China face to face. Transparent supply chain and factory price enabled.

6. Low MOQ

One carton of each product and you can mix as many products as a container can hold.

7. Quick delivery

Some suppliers offer instant stock while most can deliver your order within 20 days.

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