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Workflow when you buy from your existing suppliers

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Workflow when you buy from your existing suppliers

You've been importing from China and working with multiple factories. Still you need someone consolidate goods from different locations, do pre-shipment quality inspection and then ship to you. This case our Yiwu sourcing & buying service - basic package is the right solution for you.

1. Send specs/perfect sample

You send us specs you wrote in your PO to supplier, requirements on packaging, packing and marking etc. We need info to every aspect that matters to your product quality. A perfect sample do the job best in some cases.

2. Collect goods & pre-shipment QC

You ask suppliers send goods to our warehouse for quality inspection and storage. We do pre-shipment inspection according to specs and perfect sample, and file all results in an inspection report. We reveal to you any unconformity we may find so you can ask for rework or re-produce.

3. Confirm QC report & pay up suppliers

We send quality inspection report to you for confirmation before you pay up suppliers. Never ship your goods without a pre-shipment quality inspection, and never pay up supplier until you confirm specs and your requirements are met.

4. Load container & clear customs

We load container on your confirmation and prepare all necessary exporting documents for customs clearance.

5. Shipping

We haul the container to your forwarder as in FOB, to your port in CFR, or to your door in DAP.

Since quality issues found at pre-shipment quality inspection often lead to shipment delay, either because supplier refuses to rework or reproduce, or the time is up, you need to heed two pre-conditions to on-time delivery when you use this service package:

  • You know the factories and their quality somehow.
  • You communicate to them regularly and manage quality during production.


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