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Yiwu transportation

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Submitted by Stone on Fri, 09/20/2013 - 11:33


If you are in the following cities you can fly directly to Yiwu. We will greet and meet you at Yiwu airport and take you to your hotel for free.

Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Jieyang, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Chongqing, Haikou, Shenyang, Zhuhai, Harbin, Hefei, Jinjiang, Nanning, Linyi, Dalian and Hong Kong etc.

As of date Nov 6, 2015

Shanghai to Yiwu Bullet Trains

Bullet trains are the fastest way from Shanghai to Yiwu. The train starts with D for the train numbers and takes only 2 and half hours.

D5689 6:51 - 9:21, 2.30h
D97 7:45 - 10:04, 2.19h
D5661 8:46 - 11:21, 2.35h
D105 9:08 - 11:12, 2.04h
D5677 11:22 - 13:38, 2,16h
D5663 14:28 - 17:04, 2.36h
D93 14:50 - 17:22, 2.32h
D5653 15:22 - 18:10, 2.48h
D635 19:05 - 21:06, 2.01h
D633 21:07 - 23:36, 2.29h

All Shanghai to Yiwu bullet trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station. If you land at Shanghai Pudong airport, you can take metro No.2, or airport bus line No.1 to Hongqiao Train Station.

If you’re not in China you can fly to Hangzhou or Shanghai which is close to Yiwu city, 2 hours’ drive and 4 hours’ drive to Yiwu respectively. We will greet and meet you at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport or Shanghai Pudong Airport, and then take you to your hotel in Yiwu.

Pickup fee

  • Shanghai Pudong airport -> Yiwu hotel - USD120/CNY800
  • Shanghai hotel -> Yiwu hotel - USD130/CNY900
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport -> Yiwu hotel - USD50/CNY350

Free of charge for

  • Returned customer
  • Order value USD10,000 or more per day

We use exclusively our company car and English speaking driver that is experienced, safe and well insured. We don't haul a taxi or "black cab" - private vehicle illegally hired to drive you around.

Need help with flight booking? Contact us now.


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